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Maison Pellissier

Maison Pellissier of Rhêmes-Saint-Georges is a multiuse centre used for meetings, congresses and events. It is strategically located in Rhêmes valley, an excellent position for the organisation of meetings and conferences.

Near Maison Pellissier are a local wine and food shop and the cultural-recreational space "Lo Berlo - Il Parco dei Segreti". "Lo Berlo" awaits kids, children and adults to excite them and help them discover the animals of Gran Paradiso National Park, the local produce of the alpine area and the patois dialect combining traditional and interactive games, in constant development to increase the curiosity of people who love being stimulated. "Lo Berlo" aims at offering physical, cultural and intellectual activities and, at the same time, a direct contact with nature, giving the visitors the chance to encounter the traditions and peculiarities of the territory.


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