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The 2024 summer workshops programme is being drafted.

Discover the Fondation Grand Paradis summer workshops:
"Spontaneous Alpine herbs".
A guide to the ambivalence of mountain flora. The curative/medicinal role of medicinal herbs and the use of herbs in the culinary field as condiments and bases for the preparation of liqueurs/drinks. 
Scheduled on the following dates: Friday 23 June, Thursday 6 July, Sunday 23 July, Friday 11 August. Max. 10 participants. 
"Journey through the Microcosm"
Family activity to discover the fascinating and curious world of insects.
Scheduled on the following dates: Tuesday 18 July and Thursday 17 August. Max. 25 participants. 
Discovering biodiversity. Introductory activity on techniques for surveying herbaceous species and insects in natural environments.
Scheduled on the following dates: Monday 31 July and Saturday 26 August. Max. 25 participants. 
"Mountain foraging"
Activity for adults on recognising edible wild herbs, berries, fruit and medicinal plants, a practice that is as ancient as it is habitual in the mountains
Scheduled on the following dates: Friday 4 August. Max. 25 participants. 
The workshops will be free of charge, included in the ticket price. They will take place at 4.30 pm and will be activated with a minimum of 5 participants.
See the photogallery of last years' summer workshops:

Paradisia Alpine Botanical Garden
I sapori del miele
Le api e il miele
Musica al parco
Cosa raccontano le piante officinali
Magiche erbe di montagna

Valsavarenche Park Visitors Centre
Chi conosce il lupo?

Rhêmes-Notre-Dame Park Visitors Centre
Nei cieli del Parco

Alpinart Exhibition Centre
Quattro passi con i minatori
Dentro le montagne

Maison de Cogne Gérard-Dayné 
L'orto di montagna