Valle d'Aosta | Italia

Fondation Grand Paradis

Fondation Grand Paradis was created to enhance and convey the natural and cultural peculiarities of the Aosta Valley area within the Gran Paradiso National Park jurisdiction.
The three valleys of the Gran Paradiso within the Aosta Valley have an exceptional heritage, that stretches over a vast mountainous area, going from the valley bottom to the Grand Paradiso’s 4,061m. It is a unique and protected area since 1922, the year when it was established as Italy’s first National Park.
The aim of Fondation Grand Paradis is to make this environment’s rich and varied fauna and flora known and respected, thanks to the Park’s Visitor Centres, the information points about this protected area, and the Alpine Botanical Garden Paradisia.
This territory is also characterised by its culture and traditions: medieval castles, traditional rural buildings and areas imbued with local culture and history are enhanced through eco-museums, exhibition centres, guided visits and didactic activities. The objective is to develop a new sensitivity towards nature and to revive local culture by creating temporary exhibitions and themed events throughout the whole year. 
Fondation Grand Paradis brings together and represents the different stakeholders from the three valleys: the Aosta Valley Autonomous Region, the Gran Paradiso National Park body, the Municipalities and the Mountain Community, in order to create cultural and nature-based services which are integrated into the territory.