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Paradisia Alpine Botanical Garden

Paradisia Alpine Garden, created in July 1955, is located 1,700 metres above sea-level in Valnontey, Cogne;  its name derives from Paradisia liliastrum, a mountain lily with delicate white flowers.

The garden contains about 1,000 different species of plants and flowers from the Alps and the Apennines, as well as some examples of vegetation from other mountain ranges around the world (Europe, Asia, America).

Visitors have the opportunity to come into close contact with nature by observing and analysing the plants which can be found during an excursion in the Gran Paradiso mountains. They can learn their names, compare them with other similar species, learn how to recognise them and, most important of all, learn to respect the alpine flora and to protect it.

Various itineraries and theme routes allow the visitor to explore Paradisia Botanical Garden in detail and to discover the characteristic and distinguishing features of different species.  Moreover, several mountain environments such as moist areas, moraines and calcareous debris have been reproduced.


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