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La nuit des temps

Introd keeps some traditional invisible doors, which allow people to travel across time. These magic doors cannot be passed through but very seldom, during nights with no moon and no light. These nights are named: ‘nights of the ages’. On September 1st a special “night of the age” will take place: are you ready for this unusual journey, to discover our villages and the people who used to live here?


Guided tour of Maison Bruil (starting point and first “time door”)

Traveling tour throughout our villages, to discover ancient atmospheres (second “time door”)

The Parish Church (third “time door”)

The Castle (fourth “time door”)

‘Lo rehignon’: tasting explained, o­ffered by the “seigneurs d'Introd” in the court yard of the castle.

* we prefer not to give but a strict preview of the schedule, in order not to spoil the pleasure of your surprise…


Transfers will be made in groups, walking in the darkness, with the only aid of electric lamps. Groups will be accompanied by guides, who will wear traditional cloches of the age. They will get you discover places and people and will answer to your questions and curiosities.

The tour will approximately last one hour and a half, plus 30 minutes for the tasting at the castle.

At the end, all visitors will be reaccompanied to their cars through a shuttle service

Booking required

Time of groups departure:

08,30 pm - 09,00 pm-09,30 pm - 10,00 pm


Adults: 20€

Youngsters (8 to 12 years old): 10€

Children (up to 8 years old): free

Information and reservations

+39 389 8377437