Valle d'Aosta | Italia

Project SONO - Svelare Occasioni Nutrire Opportunità

‘SONO - Svelare occasioni nutrire opportunità’, financed in the framework of the Italy-Switzerland Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020, is a project led, on the Italian side, by Fondation Grand Paradis and, on the Swiss side, by the HES-SO Valais-Wallis institute for tourism, in partnership with the municipalities of Aymavilles, Introd, Rhêmes-St-Georges, Cogne, Saint-Marcel, Orsière and Evolène.
The aim of the project is to promote the attractiveness of ‘minor’ territories, i.e. territories characterised by environmental and cultural resources that are still little exploited in terms of tourism. In particular, the intention of SONO is to give visitors the opportunity to understand and interpret the history, complexity and variety of the heritage visited, in an experiential itinerary that focuses on the roots and identity that make the destination unique.
The common thread of the project is 'storytelling': a common method through which the different territories reveal themselves to the eyes of the visitor.
TOTAL  AMOUNT: € 899,868.00 (Italy) CHF 69,661.15 (Switzerland)